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2612Re: [CostumeHistoryClass] how does this course work

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  • Jill Hazell
    Dec 11, 2007
      Hi Debbie

      I am as new to this course as you. I had an email from kristi saying that she was going to be leading the course as the normal tutor is not around at the minute. Looking through the message board for previous years, it seems that the semester starts in January and that everyone doing it discusses the various assignments with each other. I am going to wait until I see others are beginning to write their assignments
      then I will know it has really started.

      I'm looking forward to doing it too.

      Cheers, Jill

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      Subject: [CostumeHistoryClass] how does this course work

      Hi my name is Debbie. I love history and love sewing and am looking
      forward to this cours but am not sure how it works. Can you work
      through the modules at your own speed??? Would like some imput as I am
      quite new to online learning.



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