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2594Re: THR F355 FXA History of Fashion and Dress

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  • Tara Maginnis
    Dec 1, 2006
      The course is identical except I don't promise my own personal feedback and grades on the assignments. At this time it is not in the official schedule for spring 2007 because I am returning from sabbatacal, and a different course has been substituted in my workload. The result is there is no official online class this spring. However, I have already heard from several people that they want to do it on their own this spring for non-credit, so you should feel free to join them. The class tends to work well, or not, based solely on whether there is a small group of dedicated folks wanting to learn this material, who all agree to do the class work together, and providing each other with feedback. This activity will happily go on (or not) this spring without me if those of you who have expressed an interest work together to make one another's experience a cooperative thing like a chat group, or other free group of like minded people. So, if you have anyone else you know
      online who would be interested, feel free to recruit members and make this your "club" for costume history study this spring

      lorrainechristine <laurainechristine@...> wrote: Dear Ms Maginnis

      I am interested in the THR F355 FXA History of Fashion and Dress Tara Maginnis course to be done on line. Could you confirm the following for me please:

      A.Is this course starting in Spring 2007 publicly accessible by non students wishing to use the text, discussion boards, or images for personal study and that anyone may view the class lectures, take part in class discussions, and do assignments for their own personal entertainment or education?

      B.Is there any difference except in getting the course credit by enrolling for this a course to obtain the course credit or is the course identical in both options

      Thank you

      Lorraine Wroe

      ----Tara Maginnis, Ph.D., Professor & Costume Designer,
      Department of Theatre, University of Alaska Fairbanks
      Website: "The Costumer's Manifesto" at http://costumes.org
      Theatre Department Web Site: http://www.uaf.edu/theatre

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