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2567Re: [CostumeHistoryClass] Rough Draft

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  • Tara Maginnis
    May 4, 2006
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      I will (admittedly very belatedly) be doing grade pages for you soon. I'm afraid Dept Chair duties have been sucking the life and time out of my schedule this semester, which is why you don't have them yet. However, it is safe to say if you have turned in assignments, and I have written "good report!" and not written something like "Could you please look up more information/provide more data on X" (which you ignored), you should be getting full credit on your assignments and be well on your way to an A. If you are missing assignments, or if I mentioned that an assignment was a bit thin in places (AND you never subsequently bulked it up), you will be doing a little less well. I hope this band-aid will serve as an explanation in the meantime.

      Speaking of adding things to assignments, I think your rough draft is a good start, but I would LOVE it if you were to find some sites showing contemporary bathing suit pin ups of the 40's that will further inform your site readers. If you can't find sites besides http://www.skylighters.org/pinupart/ , I'd try hunting individual images on Google Image search. (Search term suggestion "WWII pin up") While generally I don't approve of internet filters on content searches, I think that on this search you might want to set the censoring filters on for the image search, simply because you will have an easier time finding the images you want and spend less time weeding through porno images. Using notable artist names like Alberto Vargas, Zoe Mozert etc should also help.

      I like the bathing suit links you found.

      mhmillns <millnmh@...> wrote:
      Ok, here is a rough draft of my finaly project- a 1940/50's bathing
      suit. Over the weekend I will continue to work on the Historical
      Background of the era, and also detail drawings, and patterns. But, on
      my website I have up the brief description, photos, estimated date and
      story. Please fill me in on any constructive critism you have. Thank

      Here is the link to my website: www.maureen.freehomepage.com
      You can pull up my final project on the left heading called "custom 2"
      and the photos are under the "photo page"-- I am not sure if I can
      rename the pages, sorry for the difficulties.

      Tara, is there anyway we can check our grades before our final project
      is handed in?


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