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2564Rough Draft

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  • mhmillns
    May 3, 2006
      Ok, here is a rough draft of my finaly project- a 1940/50's bathing
      suit. Over the weekend I will continue to work on the Historical
      Background of the era, and also detail drawings, and patterns. But, on
      my website I have up the brief description, photos, estimated date and
      story. Please fill me in on any constructive critism you have. Thank

      Here is the link to my website: www.maureen.freehomepage.com
      You can pull up my final project on the left heading called "custom 2"
      and the photos are under the "photo page"-- I am not sure if I can
      rename the pages, sorry for the difficulties.

      Tara, is there anyway we can check our grades before our final project
      is handed in?

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