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  • mhmillns
    Feb 2, 2006
      I am currently living in Atlanta and I have noticed the goth culture
      here also. People tend to think of this group as scary, often
      because they will wear crosses, skulls, or chains, but upon further
      study, they are indeed a very close knit group who are eager to let
      others in.

      --- In CostumeHistoryClass@yahoogroups.com, Roslyn Howie
      <roz_esl@...> wrote:
      > Late, late, late. Sorry, sorry, sorry :).
      > When I read this assignment, my immediate thought was 'Goth'.
      My next thought was 'Ocrap. This won't be easy.' The goth
      subculture incorporates a most extraordinary diversity of fashion.
      Ask any three goths 'What is goth?' and I can almost guarantee you
      will get three different answers. After all:
      > You can wear a black t-shirt and cargo pants and be a goth.
      > You can wrap yourself head to toe in PVC and be a goth.
      > You can wear full reproduction Victorian mourning and be a goth.
      > You can trail yards of pink lace and be a goth.
      > People have very different interpretations of what it means to
      be goth, and this is apparent in their dress, which provides a
      platform for each individual to express their self, their concept of
      goth, with no real adherence to a social code apart from the
      overwhelming tendancy towards 'black on black with a black motif'.
      > The concept of status is an interesting one. I personally have
      never been aware of any particular status or ranking system within
      the community. On the contrary the idea of people of a certain
      status (or lack thereof) being defined by their clothing, or
      restricted in what they wear, is utterly foreign. I think one of
      the defining features of the Goth culture is that experimentation
      and expression is encouraged and applauded, and people know it is a
      safe place to express themselves as creatively or bizarrely as they
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