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2224On Apparelling by James Durham

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  • elizkam
    Mar 1, 2005
      Mr. Durham seemed to have preached quite strongly about the dress of
      the time. He seemed very concerned abouth the lust and immorality
      that the clothes were bringing upon the people. It was actually
      somewhat funny to read. Words like Jezebel and emasculateth don't
      get used often enough anymore. But Mr. Durham was quite firm in his
      opinions. Extravagant, costly, brightly colored and "excessive
      bravery" of apparel were ruining people. Dressings of the hair,
      powderings, laces, ribbons and such are all wicked. Women seem to be
      the cause of most of the problems. They indecently bared their
      breasts and necks to men. Men were so crazy, they started doing
      things like dressing in an effeminate way. Growing their hair long,
      wearing rings and jewels, wearing fine hose.
      Ever-changing fashions are apparently forbidden by the Bible. My
      only conclusion can be that there were a lot of people living in sin
      back in the day. Sober and Grave clothing don't seem to have been
      particularly popular.