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  • thecostumersmanifesto
    Aug 15, 2002
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      If you personally sent me any important message during June or
      July,and have had no response, please send another message.

      After traveling the month of June, and spending the first week of july
      uploading my trip photos, Early in July I began to go through over a
      month of Computer hell and it is not over yet. I rashly took my
      computer in to a new shop up here for a needed upgrade (that should
      have taken 2-4 days max) and over two weeks and much frustration
      later I had it back with a hard drive wiped of everything but bare
      windows. (they insisted they would make a backup) I have since then
      been laboriously reenstalling all my programs, reconstructing their
      settings, reconfiguring my home network, uploading the manifesto from
      another computer and online where it was backed up, and trying to get
      all the programs to work without crashes. I have reconstructed most
      of my hard drive, (I am a nut for making backups of things, thank
      god, even things that are too big to get stored on anything smaller
      than another hard drive,) but I am missing a big chunk of July email,
      and my entire address book. If that were not enough, the messages that
      I got while traveling in June (which were on my UAF server) were all
      suddenly deleted one day, for no apparent reason. Front Page (what I
      use to build the Manifesto) has grown twitchy, and it's usual 2 day
      long semi-annual fix of all broken links has kept crashing during the
      process, making this take over a week to complete. The result is that
      I don't have too much in the way of new updates other than quite a
      few scanned books (plus the trip photos) in the "new" section of the
      site: http://www.costumes.org/pages/new.htm

      So if you had anything like a "add my link" message with your URL, or
      an "I want to Advertise message" that has mysteriously not been
      answered, or not been followed through, please re send the message.

      And by the way, if you got an email with an attachment and no
      message, DON'T OPEN IT! Even if it looks like it is from me. the
      WormKlez virus is rampant at present, (no, my computer doesn't have
      it thank heavens, but lots of others do) and you may get any number
      of messages seeming to come from friends, colleagues or even your
      Mom, courtest of this nimble worm described here:

      Don't open attachments, from ANYBODY, unless you email them back to
      be sure they are genuine first.
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