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1Welcome to THR 355

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  • Tara Maginnis
    Jul 27, 2000
      The next official enrollment period for this class will begin in
      November 2000 and end in January 2001 for a class to be held from
      January 2001-April 2001. Right now the exact details of tuition are
      not yet set, however, if you send
      me e-mail at Tara@... and put "Send me online class info" in
      the subject line
      of the e-mail, and include  your name and e-mail address, I will
      you a message when these details are set and enrollment opens.

      Meanwhile, you can see the class web site while it is being
      constructed online at http://www.costumes.org/pages/fashiondress/t

      ---Tara Maginnis, Ph.D. Costume Designer, Theatre UAF, University of
      Alaska Fairbanks. Webmistress of The Costumer's Manifesto
      http://www.costumes.org more costume site than you can surf in a day.