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Kelly's whereabouts in March and then April (and beyond)

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  • Kelly Patterson
    For all of you coming to visit me in the next month or two (and those who are just curious as to what the bloody hell I am doing down here in Costa Rica!):  
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2009
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      For all of you coming to visit me in the next month or two (and those who are just curious as to what the bloody hell I am doing down here in Costa Rica!):


      Finally, I know what I am doing, and where I will be over the next few months (at least!)  Therefore, you can come visit me and perhaps, participate in some way, when you are not drinking frozen pomegranate margaritas on the beach with me, or some local hottie…


      1.  Firstly, I am creating www.icccr.com (or maybe “ .net”, Elena is taking care of this) : Intentional Conscious Communities of Costa Rica (ICCCR) online, open-source directory.


      What the ….?!!!!


      Intentional Conscious Communities of Costa Rica (ICCCR) is to be an online, interactive directory of intentional and/or “conscious” communities throughout Costa Rica.  For the record, I specifically named this directory as such, “ICCCR”, for SEO and keyword purposes to better “catch” our local and international targeted audiences.  In other words, internationally, the groups/organizations/individuals we intend to work with, and cater to, refer to these projects as “intentional communities”; whereas in Costa Rica, they call them “conscious communities.” 


      For an idea as to this concept of “intentional communities”, please visit: www.ic.org Basically, we are creating our own online directory, Costa Rica specific, for PR and marketing purposes.  I have attached a mock up—but this is just a draft…need to create logo, tagline and whatnot…all in the process!  Already established a desperate need for this site, as well as a quickly growing market.


      1. Secondly, to help launch this directory, I will be doing some workshops on how to procure social entrepreneurial grants/seed monies, as well as basic social media network marketing and other PR/marketing skills, with fellow organic farmers, agricultural specialists, and other specialists to be announced later, at the end of March at Elena Ross’s place:  http://fincaamanecer.com/aves.htm  -- details coming soon!



      1. After my visits to San Isidro, San Jose, Samara (to see the CouchSurfing gang and get my Paul Newman’s salad dressing!!)  I am returning to Nosara briefly to basically pick up my things and say Hasta luego, because I am going to spend the rest of March at Elena’s place in Londres, near Quepos:  http://fincaamanecer.com/aves.htm
      2. After March, I will be moving to Cascada Verde: http://cascadaverde.org/ where I will be acting as their PR/communications/market manager and volunteer/work-trade recruiter, while also working on the ICCCR online directory. 


      This means I will stop the Nosara Coconut Blog—but welcome anyone in Nosara to take it over!  And Emi, do not worry, I will still write about HIV/AIDS and such for the Voice of Nosara, as planned. 


      Pura vida, from Costa Ballena,Kelly N Patterson

      I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of
      a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.

      E. B. White






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