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  • Jeannie Alvin
    This Weds and Thurs July 2 and 3! We will take the tools learned in the Ready To Change Intro Workshop (see below) and go MUCH further and longer in this 2-Day
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2008
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      This Weds and Thurs July 2 and 3!

      We will take the tools learned in the Ready To Change Intro Workshop
      (see below) and go MUCH further and longer in this 2-Day Interactive
      and experiential, beautiful and powerful workshop which includes
      doing a longer version of the Oneness State of Being (that Awakened
      or Enlightened state - imitating how Jeannie went into that state for
      2 1/2 weeks [see "Testimonials" below]) to help with that awareness.

      You'll receive LOTS of EASY Self Empowerment tools that you can take
      back and use daily to clear old issues including just one Trigger
      Word that can help you clear any issues any time you desire as well
      as One Sentence Manifesting Tools to assist in drawing in what you
      desire faster.

      One day you will receive Oneness Blessings/deeksha power boosting
      transmissions of high spiritual energy, 3 techniques for manifesting
      your life, and healings to remove obstacles. Oneness Blessings will
      deepen your experience.

      Another day you will select a partner who will hold you in their arms
      and gently say the words your Spirit has been longing to hear -
      reminding you what a wonderful Spirit you truly are!!! This assists
      you in releasing negative patterns, such as bad relationships,
      financial obstacles, car accidents, etc.

      Jeannie wrote she has been blessed with the gift of being able to
      give "Oneness Blessing/deeksha" and healings which she adds to
      clearing obstacles, bringing in our goals, & healings. Sometimes the
      healings have been miraculous!

      WHEN: Wed. and Thurs. - July 2 and 3, 2008 - 10am-6pm
      (we will take a 1 hour lunch break so either bring your own or on our
      morning break we will have a few menus out to order for delivery.
      Please bring your own snacks & drinks for throughout the day)

      WHERE: Escazu (email HouseOfSelfEmpowerment@... for
      directions or call 8-378-6679)

      INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF: $100 for each day*
      PRE-BOOKING DISCOUNT: Pre-Pay in Full by July 1 - $170*
      (Locals Rates are available for people living in Costa Rica. If you
      need a discount for the workshop and accommodations [if money is an
      issue, please do not allow that to hinder your growth. Email Jeannie
      to share what you could offer her &/or your situation &/or how much
      you can gift])

      For more updated info go to:

      For more Oneness details go to:

      "I recently attended one of Jeannie's 2-hour Introductory Workshops &
      boy did I have some BIG "Ah Huhhhhs!!!"

      First, in one exercise we talked about focusing In on a "situation"
      we wanted to work on. As with many people – it was about $$ - or so
      I thought until I went In deeper and pealed yet ANOTHER layer of that
      onionskin off to look at it being about not allowing myself to

      In another exercise we selected a partner and did an exercise where
      in short, we held each other like a child and said those sweet words
      we wish we had heard when we were children (or did hear but forgot).
      I went back to my remembering being held like that with my Spiritual
      Partner (who's on a break from it currently) and how "safe" I felt
      when he held me like that. That took me back to remembering when my
      Daddy held me like that and how "safe" and loved I felt which took me
      back to realizing I STILL had more processing to do with TRUSTING
      Spirit/God – a trust I basically cut off/temporarily (for 44 years!!)
      shut down overall after blaming God for taking my Daddy from me
      suddenly (in a plane crash when I was 6). WOW!!!!!!!

      My partners face transformed when it was his turn. To me it looked
      just like a little child that knew his magnificence!!!

      This exercise was just a short LITTLE teaser of what is to come in
      the 2-day workshop!!! I want MORE & MORE!!! I'm looking forward to
      now remember how to IMPLEMENT the info/tools/knowledge I learned from
      this short session back into my life to assist me in SOARING!!

      THANX Jeannie for being a great facilitator/conduit!!!" Vicki
      Skinner - "The House of Self Empowerment/Fountains Guesthouse" -
      Escazu, Costa Rica

      (additional testimonials on Jeannie's previous events plus 4 of
      Jeannie's 12 eBooks can be found at http://lulu.com/awakening)

      CAN'T MAKE IT THIS SOON? See future dates at the site.

      Jeannie Alvin/Nadhashree
      1-760-300- 3267 (U.S. # that rings in CR)
      (506) 2-249-0052 (in CR) OR 8-378-6679
      Skype: jeannie.alvin
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