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  • Looking for Dog Kennel in the San Pedro, Zapote or San Francisco dos Rios area. Earl [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    earl tomlinson Aug 23
  • Looking for a used Belkin router. Earl
    earl tomlinson May 29
  • Sorry I was given the wrong area for laundromat. Area should be Coronado. Earl
    earl tomlinson May 27
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  • Are there any laundromats, washers/dryers, in the Colone area? Earl
    earl tomlinson May 26
  • Just had a new roof on our house, but have a problem with section of roof over garage. Current contractor can't solve problem of major water leak in garage.Need opinion of experienced roofing contractor. Please call or e-mail. Earl 89170825 tom_tink @yahoo.com
    earl tomlinson May 19
  • As far as I know the only legal US Notary in CR is the US Embassy. They will charge $50.00 dollars, but this is a legal notary for US purposes. Ear;l
    tom_tink@... Mar 25
  • ...the immigration reforms. But with either your state side debit or credit cards you can buy to your heart contentment! Regards, Tom San Roque de Grecia, Alajuela, Costa Rica
    Thomas E Mayer Jr Mar 21
  • Have used hot water tank, 40 gallons and 40 gallon water tank with pump for sale. Both are several years old, but are currently installed and working. I'm changing to electric hot water unit and smaller pump. Also have timer, currently installed and working. I'm located in San Francisco dos Rios. Call or e-mail if interest. Earl 89170825 tom_tink@^$1 - -
    earl tomlinson Jan 7
  • Help, lost my Word program and I don't have the Certificate of Authenticity or the CD that provides the Authenticity #. Anyone know how I can bring back this program. Earl
    earl tomlinson Jan 3
  • Still looking for pure,organic unfiltered products. Genesis Pure is available for a membership fee of 5,000 colones. With the membership all products, bought, have a 25% discount. You order and receive all products from Genesis Pure. All members you sign also purchase and receive all products from Genesis Pure. You are not required to carry inventory of products. If interested call...
    earl tomlinson Dec 26, 2014