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  • . We've watched the clock swing in its arc; We've seen the posts; some of 'em snark! . . . But now such fun, . . . Is all but done; This AGD has been a lark . . . . See you pronto in May. . . Paul M. == [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    stanhopi@... Apr 24
  • . March is done for; April is not. Turrialba puffs ash a lot! . . With that in mind, . . Let's hope the wind, Don't blow ash on AGD's lot! Y'all post quick, now... It'll all be over 'fore yez know it!! Cheers! Paul M. == [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    stanhopi@... Apr 23
  • --- wrote : > . . . a new system working at being implemented [for] making appointments > over the phone. . . . As well as something about electronic email contact . . . - - Thanx to all who replied answering my QQs about making CAJA clinic appts via telephone, and also by using the online version, which I was not aware of! Your replies were useful and will help me –and others, I...
    stanhopi@... Apr 11
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  • Hello again Gentle CRLers, Thanx for the various replies, some of which were useful like Sonny's, but so far no one has yet provided the info I originally was looking for, which was how to go about making an appointment by telephone for a visit to an EBAIS/CAJA clinic. I also learned that the lady for whom I was trying to find out about this lives in San Rafael de Alajuela, 3...
    stanhopi@... Apr 9
  • Gentle CRLers, I have a friend liviing in CR who is 70 and has not very much spanish. She was telling me how she has to visit the local Ebais Clinic in Belén in early morning one day to make an appointment for the following day, then go back for the appointment the next day. Now it seems to me that there was a concession made for Ciudadanos de Oro whereby they could phone their...
    stanhopi@... Apr 8
  • --- wrote : Is this thread automatically generated each time the 3rd falls on a holiday? Seems like the same discussion each time. - - Dear Member, Seems to me more likely that the thread pops up like this each time the 3rd falls on a CR holiday simply because we always have some new CRL members who've retired to CR and who are asking because it is the first time this situation has...
    stanhopi@... Apr 5
  • . After many a pointed post, Here I am with this riposte: . Oh, clever Friends, . AGD ends. Glad you came. –Your fast-fading Host . . . See you in April. . . Paul M. == [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    stanhopi@... Mar 27
  • ---In CostaRicaLiving@^$1, wrote : Do you wear compression stockings Paul? - - Thank you Paula for your reply. I am set for compression stock- ings already, tho the place you referred to might know of a doc or clinic in the GAM. What I am most in need of is info that will put me in contact with either a doctor or a clinic that specializes in Wound Care and, in particular, one...
    stanhopi@... Mar 27
  • . March came in with breezes sighin':i But soon became a roarin' lion; . . Time now to muster, . . Some posts with bluster; The faint of heart will soon be cryin'! See you again next midnight to end this month's farce! Cheers! Paul M. == [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    stanhopi@... Mar 26
  • ---In CostaRicaLiving@^$1, wrote : < > - - Thanx Berni, but unfortunately hyperbaric treatment seems generally reserved for diabetic patients. But the doctor at Bíblica could be worth inquiring after since he may be aware of some other options specifically for chronic wound care. Much appreciated, Paul == [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    stanhopi@... Mar 25