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  • CRHoy is reporting that Poás is acting up a little bit, again today. Not really bad but it is persistent, minimal activity. . Here is their article: . Volcán Turrialba reporta erupciones leves y plumas de 500 metros https: //www. crhoy. com/nacionales/volcan-turrialba-reporta-erupciones-leves-y-plumas-de-500-metros/ [remove blank spaces from link] . Hope this is good information...
    stanhopi@... 4:17 PM
  • . June's AGD has run. Its done! We can but hope you had some fun . . . With topics of all sorts: . . . La Platina and sports; Those Lapas Rojas' freedom won! Pues, hasta júnio.... Nos vemos entonces! Paul M. == [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    stanhopi@... May 26
  • Gentle CRLers, . I was having a discussion about the weakenng colón with a friend who lives in San Rafael de Alajuela who says that she can no longer find any ATMs there either in San Rafael, in Belén, or along Via Lindora that dispense dollars. . She tells me that she has tried all the ATMs she can think of in those areas without finding any dollars available in them, only...
    stanhopi@... May 26
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  • Thanx for that heads-up Robert. And now should oughta be a smart time to to take avantage of such a sale, what with the droop in the value of the colón! Cheers! Paul M. == [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    stanhopi@... May 26
  • . May is nearly over now. Tonight begins our monthly row: . . . Volcanoes pooping, . . . Colones drooping... Now get to postin' y'all, and how! So . . . There's 24 hours of free-for-all for discussing any & everything whether about CR –or not. This includes topics left over from any previous months' AGDs that you'd like to resurrect! Paul M. == PS - No commercial ads on AGD...
    stanhopi@... May 25
  • . AGD starts up LATE tonight; Thence ANY topic is alright. . . So that is when, . . You may chime in, And let your wildest thoughts take flight. Starting at midnight CRLers have the following whole 24 hours at their disposal (w/ no Commercial Ads) to discuss things either on- or off-topic to Costa Rica . . . Cheers! Paul M. == [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    stanhopi@... May 25
  • Gentle CRLers, . Maybe there's something I don't understand here, but... . If the dollar has gone in one week's time from ¢578.94 on May 17th to ¢595.13 on May 24 to SELL that dollar, then that's a good thing, isn't it? And because you are getting more colones per dollar now this week that means the dollar is actually getting stronger against the colón, doesn't it? . Or is there...
    stanhopi@... May 23
  • Thanks to all you CRLers who replied to my query about where to find recliners. You provided some very good suggestions for where to look and one or two that I would never have thought of. . With this information it should be relatively easy to locate a decent recliner in CR and not have to ship something down from Florida. . There may even be somebody at one of these suggested...
    stanhopi@... May 11
  • Gentle CRLers, . My recliner is finally starting to wear out & now the back won't stay in the upright position but leans back several degrees, instead. . Plus I have a friend whose recliner has partially broken so that the footrest on it remains up in the extended position and won't retract. This means that she has to climb over the footrest to get in & out of her recliner. . I had...
    stanhopi@... May 9
  • . This month's postings did start slow; Would a jump-start con espresso . . Have built a greater glut, . . Of contributions? But . . . This day's now done, so we must go! See you in May.... Plan ahead now! Paul M. == [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    stanhopi@... Apr 28