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  • . The month of July is now here; We've made it thru half of this year. . . Time flies by fast, Oh!, . . Friday won't last, so... Get Y'alls' Sass in high gear! See you in 24 hours when we will again slam the Iron Door on AGD! Cheers! Paul M. == [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    stanhopi@... 11:01 PM
  • In today's (Aug. 28th) page 2 article in AM CR, "ICE says its [sic] gave a list of workers' salaries", one contantion by ICE is that competition by other Telecommunications companies, which have lower rates is hurting ICE's income. . Well to that I say, "C'mon, ICE, get with the program. It's called competition." . If ICE's income is hurting then they should do something to make...
    stanhopi@... Jul 28
  • ---In CostaRicaLiving@^$1, wrote : Have a friend coming to visit and he needs an occasional cortisone shot. Can he get one without any problem? - - - Hey Paul, I don't know what it would cost but will hazzard a guess of between US$10 & $20. I would check some of your local private clinics or at the larger farmacias. Failing that he should try checking with a few local doctors. (I...
    stanhopi@... Jul 15
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  • --- wrote : I have 3Q – 1/ I just canceled my return ticket to US and have up to June 22nd 2016 to use dose this count or do I have rebook a certain date for return. . I am thinking that it would be wisest for you to contact your air carrier and ask what their regulations on this are. They would be the ones who would actually best know. My gut feeling is that you will have to...
    stanhopi@... Jul 5
  • Also ARCR will have a new telephone number when they re-open: 2220-0055. This apparently supercedes all the previous phone & fax numbers. HTH Paul M. == [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    stanhopi@... Jul 2
  • ---Shirley wrote : > Thought for sure it had to be Haas because it looks more authentic, > like a Dutch or Finnish name, altho they're not avocado producers . . . - - - Hola Shirley, . I looked it up online and that avocado cultivar is definitely 'Haas' (not Hass). . It has been around for a long time and is a fairly popular variety. . HTH . Paul M. == [Non-text portions of this...
    stanhopi@... Jun 29
  • . So many postings y'all did send, 'Fore AGD came to an end. . . . But now we hafta, . . . Shut down; it's afta Time. – We must go 'round the bend. See you soon, in July. . . (2nd query: So, have you started your Xmas shopping yet?) Paul M. == [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    stanhopi@... Jun 26
  • Gentle CRLers, . CostaRicaLiving has had a long and active history, providing help and information to its many members over the years. CRL began in January of 2000 and over time has acquired close to 9,000 members. . Now fifteen years later CRL's Owner has other obligations taking up the majority of her time. In addition we are now down to only two moderators, and soon that may be...
    Wm. Paul Mitchell Jun 26
  • . The months rush by never stopping; 'S almost time for Christmas shopping! . . . YOW! – Though it's June, . . . Please do not swoon. Cuz it's AGD – Get hopping! See you again in 24 hours when we will close the Iron Door! Cheers! Paul M. [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    stanhopi@... Jun 25
  • ---In CostaRicaLiving@^$1, wrote : > The CR gov't asks for a police report from the local police where you live. > ...so the legend starts to grow that the CR gov't needs FBI reports. - - - John, This has been going on for a long time now. I'm now wondering whether this falacy has begun to 'infect' La Migra Officials, too. What I understand is that La Migra only wants a PLoGC...
    stanhopi@... Jun 25