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crime Costa Rica

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  • mtrader1970
    AM COSTA RICA letter to the editor in part ...re: If the current murder rate increases, no one will want to visit Costa Rica and crime will accelerate.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2009
      AM COSTA RICA letter to the editor in part ...re: If the current murder rate increases, no one will want to visit Costa Rica and crime will accelerate. Whenever I speak of Costa Rica while traveling outside of the country, everyone comments about the crime they recently read about in Costa Rica. Criminals need to stop what they are doing now!
      Jim Peck
      Worldwide Traveler

      ..my response...

      Hey Jim, the way for Costa Rica to improve the safety of living in Costa Rica is to allow tourists, expats and residents to defend themselves against armed robbers. Unarmed citizens are routinely robbed, wounded and killed exiting buses, going to work, school or minding their own business driving or in their own home. A legally armed citizenry is a polite society. There is NO evidence anywhere in the World that disarming citizens reduces crimes.

      Instead, Britain and major cities in the USA where gun rights are severely restricted (Chicago, Oakland, D.C. come to mind) have more murders than occur in war zones of Iraq.

      Costa Rica's current government is intent on depriving residents of their liberty, freedom and right to defend themselves. the government even harrasses legal security guards by confiscating their firearms if their permits or papers are out of date. Big deal, at least they're TRYING to protect life and property, which is more than I can say of Costa Rica's justice system.

      You can NEVER hold the government responsible when they fail to protect law abiding citizens, have drugs stolen from police stations, or ask the justice system to lock up the bad guys before or even after they are convicted.

      The current course of Costa Rica will drive many affluent tourists and residents away and guarantee the rise of Socialism and ever-increasing government intervention in private affairs - thus guaranteeing a lower standard of living for law abiding people and furthering petty and grand theft by the poor (or organized crime) upon the upper middle class, which pays most all the taxes and creates most employment in a capitalist system.

      Costa Rica should repeal all the nanny state legislation they've imposed recently and put all judges and police on a 2 year probation - if crime is not reduced, the whole government is sacked. The government needs to protect the lawabiding, protect individual freedoms and facilitate employment so a higher standard of living occurs. If the government does anything outside of those goals, it should be stopped.

      I see the sunset of Costa Rica as a 2nd World paradise in the next 5 to 10 years, unless a Costa Rica version of Uribe comes to the rescue.

      Marv Harris
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