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  • freshprodev
    I m a long-time conservative but didn t vote for either one of the two candidates this time! I struggled with that but finally concluded that they both
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2008
      I'm a long-time conservative but didn't vote for either one of the
      two candidates this time! I struggled with that but finally
      concluded that they both represent, for the most part and aside from
      the rhetoric of change, nothing more than more of the same. I can't
      even begin to express my disappointment in W the past few years, so I
      won't say anything more about that! As for the two main party's
      current offerings, I'll try to be as unemotional and objective as I

      I think that Obama seems like a smart guy and definitely an eloquent
      and captivating speaker. But I have issues with his lack of
      experience; his lack of candor and personal disclosure; his many
      unusual relationships and associations; and the many distortions that
      he and his campaign have presented! It's astounding to me the lack
      of inquiry and criticism of his past by the media! Essentially, much
      of what we have learned about him and his associations are pretty
      scary! Also seems to me that he's the main one skirting all of those
      issues... and what are his qualifications really? I suspect that he's
      being bred and coached for the job!

      As for McCain, by and large, what you see is what you get… and that's
      not much! He seems a nice guy and at times he's bucked the
      typical "politics as usual" crap! I admire his background and
      character and he at least seems qualified, but Presidential… please!
      I did struggle with the fact that by not voting for him wouldn't
      offset a yes for Obama!

      I find Palin smart, likable, refreshing and interesting, plus it's a
      bonus that she's not conditioned to the "old boy" politics that rule
      our system now. And I think it positive that most of the media and
      politicians from both parties have learned to criticize her. But
      aside from only Obama, she's less qualified to be President than many
      of others that should have been on the ticket!

      As for Biden…oh well! Most of the time I think he's getting paid by
      the McCain camp!

      Both campaigns for the most part have offered up more self-serving
      bull**** than substance! Although I'm a long-time republican, it's
      apparent to me that neither one of the two main parties or candidates
      can or will address the real issues and problems we face!

      Futile as it is, I decided to be honest with myself and support the
      only politician I've heard in some time with realistic views of the
      United States and the rest of world!
      And moreover, the only candidate that has offered sane and concrete
      solutions… Ron Paul!

      My main concern about my choice is that I would hate to see the
      liberals control everything as I doubt that's what the founders had
      in mind! Anyway, how could one vote have much influence when the
      candidate has to be written in? Like I wrote above… I'm being honest
      with myself this time!

      The root problem we face new is endemic to the size and scope that
      the great United States Government and associated bureaucracies have
      become. The founders of our country would surely be appalled at
      this! In their time they tirelessly debated and considered various
      outcomes for the potential and future of the United States! I feel
      that in their wisdom they must have thought about the potential for
      what is going on now and the challenges we currently face! That was
      the reason and basis from which they debated, wrote and implemented
      the Constitution as a guide! I think that they would be appalled at
      what we've become!

      If the Constitution, corresponding laws and the founders'
      philosophies had been maintained, we wouldn't be in this current
      tenuous situation. There are plenty of opinions on this based on
      fact! After all, it's there in the Constitution with the many
      associated writings thereafter for all to look at! In fact, Ron Paul
      has based his life around studying those principals. It's obvious
      that he above any other in the fray supports and expresses those
      sentiments continually! One of my best friends and astute
      conservative blogger has accused me of becoming a "Paulite"… well, I
      guess I am!

      The founders never proposed that the federal government do anything
      much more than facilitate the means for commerce, to maintain the
      value of our currency and protect the citizens! That is a big part
      of what it prescribes and intended! That doesn't mean becoming part
      of our "used to be private banking system" or be a contractor and
      construction company, or draft our children into the military or
      other type of public service, or even be jail-keepers to anybody! It
      especially doesn't mean creating, maintaining and growing giant
      bureaucracies within a federal government to show us how to live and
      control every facet of our lives.

      Taxpayers have provided trillions of dollars to the federal
      government (maybe it would be more correct to say the government has
      extracted) over the past few years! Yet our infrastructure is
      crumbling and we can't afford to fix it; legions of citizens go
      without healthcare; our students cannot compete academically with
      much poorer nations; we don't protect our borders, on and on. Does
      that make sense when we're the richest, most progressive, innovative
      and admired democracy the world has ever seen! We were the country
      to which most people around the world wanted to immigrate and other
      nations wanted to be like. What has happened to that sentiment?

      Fixing our infrastructure makes sense on many levels. Remember the
      Minnesota bridge collapse last year? Well there are many more like it
      in every part of the country. Soon Iraq, by and large, will have
      better roads and bridges than we do! However, unlike one of the
      current candidates is want to do, there's no sound reason for the
      federal government to build our roads and bridges; and there's no
      reason they should manage the jails, print inflating un-backed
      dollars out of thin air, or create laws at the federal level that
      contradict the laws developed by various states and communities. And
      I don't think the founders ever intended or even imagined the concept
      of a supreme federal court and a federal court bureaucracy the size
      that we currently support!

      Let's see, with the more or less 700 plus billion we send to foreign
      oil suppliers and the billions we spend in Iraq per month "protecting
      our country", not including the billions of funding to maintain the
      rest of the empire (bases around the world, foreign aid, etc.), and
      untold billions wasted here in every imaginable way, we could
      probably afford to build quite a bit of new stuff here that would put
      millions to work, help educate our youth and even support good
      private health care for all!

      Part of that would be to eliminate the costs of the war on drugs and
      propose a sort of value added tax that would be truly fair for all
      (and probably net much more revenue)! The state where I came from,
      California has laws and a policy more lax about the use and
      possession of drugs! The fed policies supersede those laws and indict
      and prosecute while ignoring a basic principle of our constitution...
      that the federal government not
      interfere with state and local government about such issues!

      And unlike the current breed of politician, I don't mean transferring
      government income from those savings into those types of federal
      programs but by having a much smaller federal government not needing
      that money and reducing the tax basis so that private interests and
      local government can have money and incentive to do those things.
      I'd bet the farm that the two main candidates won't try or even dream
      of doing any of that!

      Remember the federal government was designed primarily to protect us,
      facilitate commerce and maintain the currency (don't get me started
      on what they're doing to the dollar). We're a long way from that!
      Regardless, with a better tax system and having more local
      jurisdiction without federal interdiction, taxes, drugs, healthcare,
      education and many other social issues would be much less of a
      problem for all of society.

      It's hard to argue that those things don't make sense but it will be
      very difficult for the feds to give up those bureaucracies. We all
      know the only nature of bureaucracy is to perpetuate and grow but our
      federal government really can't get any bigger without the whole deal
      collapsing… and soon! It's going to be a real struggle but not

      Impossible as it sounds, we can and must (WILL...Murphy is an
      optimist) find the right combination of leader and legislature to
      shrink the federal government and address the real issues we are
      confronted with.

      I'm rambling now but we can change our country. Remember Howard
      Beale's "I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore"! Well I
      think that right now the people are madder than they've ever been.
      The climate is right for change and I don't mean Obama or McCain and
      business as usual. There are options and sooner or later they won't
      be ignored!

      Happy Halloween, Mike
    • Sally
      Bingo. Neither of these regulation politicians could effect a bit of change. Nor will we have any left by the time they are done with us! Personally, Obama is
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 31, 2008
        Bingo. Neither of these regulation politicians could effect a bit of
        change. Nor will we have any left by the time they are done with us!
        Personally, Obama is way easier to stomach, but I don't think it
        matters a bit who wins.

        Obama will Spread the Wealth, taking from the rich guy to help the
        poor guy. This will not help the rich guy ever (except the really rich
        guy who can afford to buy votes) and will not help the poor guy over
        the long haul. This tax system is precisely NOT what the Founders had
        in mind; in fact, just the opposite. A government that punishes
        productivity and creativity is the very one from which they revolted.

        McCain won't be any kinder to our tax bill. He's just making different
        promises. If he died in office and Palin became President... Ok, now
        I'm scared.

        McCain will have to increase taxes some way some how to keep Spreading
        Democracy, another item that has the Founders rolling in their graves.
        They formed a non-interventionist peace-mongering government. They
        would be aghast at a government that slaughters peasants in a
        third-world country in the name of Spreading Democracy (since the
        initial reason to bomb them was shown to be a lie, er, mistake, they
        had to think of something else.) It's ludicrous.

        The U.S. government has abandoned the Constitution and the Bill of
        Rights in the name of fighting the War on Terror. A war without a
        defined enemy that can go on forever. This abandonment will continue
        and grow stronger in the name of fixing the economy, which they can't
        do because their idea of fixing it is more of the same. Just keepin'
        up the skeer so they can keep their hands in our pockets, right next
        to our RFID-chipped National ID card.

        So I threw away my vote on my conscience. I wrote in Ron Paul. God,
        that felt good!!!
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