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July 2008 Sat Yoga Institute Offerings in Escazu

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  • saraswati326
    July 2008 Sat Yoga Institute Offerings in Escazu The Sat Yoga Institute in Escazu is a school for transformational studies. We offer courses in meditation,
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      July 2008 Sat Yoga Institute Offerings in Escazu

      The Sat Yoga Institute in Escazu is a school for transformational
      studies. We offer courses in meditation, pranic healing, asana, karma
      yoga and many more. Please visit our website or call us for more
      information. Our upcoming events , on going classes, and contact
      information are listed below.


      Pranic Healing Circle
      Wednesday, July 2, 2008 at 7:15 pm

      We will meet together at Sat Yoga Institute in Escazu. Shunyamurti
      Robert Shudow will lead the session and provide new insights on healing
      and healthy living.Through a process of meditation and contemplation we
      will create a sacred space where the healing of mind, body and spirit is
      possible. We teach some energy healing techniques and give anyone who
      would like a pranic healing treatment and a few techniques that you can
      use to clear the mind and calm emotions. If you are an energy healer, or
      would just like to receive a treatment, please feel free to come and
      take part in this session so you can meet other like minded individuals,
      please come. We welcome everyone.

      All-day Meditation Intensive: Developing Your Spiritual Power

      Sunday, July 20th; 9:30am-5:30pm

      Fee: $100 (with early bird discount of $85 by July 12th)

      A full day of deep meditation is being offered, with the focus on
      augmenting the capacity for concentration and the development of
      siddhis, or spiritual powers. Profound teachings on meditation will be
      imparted, along with a variety of pranayamas and guided visualizations,
      and significant periods of silent sitting. Lunch will be provided.
      Don´t miss this great opportunity to purify the mind, transcend the
      ego, and reach the deepest levels of inner peace.

      Thursday, July 31, 2008 at 7 p.m.

      A satsang is a traditional gathering for the purpose of meditating in a
      group energy field, and for asking questions about our own spiritual
      exploring the depths of wisdom we have inherited from all the
      world's great
      spiritual teachers. Please join us this week for the sharing of
      information, of
      food and refreshments, and an opportunity to meet like-minded
      individuals to
      discuss a path to the divine. This is an opportunity to create
      connections and
      spiritual friendships with others who are both true seekers — and
      true finders.
      Please register in advance by phone or email.

      Ongoing Classes

      Sat Yoga Advanced Meditation

      Mondays at 7pm

      First class free. $40 per month

      It is an important group gathering where the director of the Sat Yoga
      Institute, Shunyamurti, begins by giving a spiritual teaching filled
      with wisdom, compassion, dispassion, and understanding of the egoic
      system. The group will then receive an initial guidance into a 45-minute
      meditation. Most of the meditation will be silent zazen. At the end, the
      group has a priceless opportunity to debrief on any question or
      experience that may have come up during meditation, as well as to
      participate in a unique spiritual discussion that is guided by a
      profoundly and luminous energy field.

      Sat Yoga Orientation Class
      Tuesdays at 6:00 pm

      Our free orientation classes is open only for new people who wish to
      learn more about the Sat Yoga Institute and its approach to studying and
      practicing the sciences of human spiritual transformation.

      Class begins at 6:00pm, it lasts about 1 hour. Students need to register
      in advanced to participate (previous Monday as the latest).

      Youth Class
      Tuesdays at 6:00

      A space for meditation, teachings, and spiritual discussion is offered
      for enrolled youth students. Our new Youth course will continue offering
      vital guidance and wisdom related to the understanding and practice of
      emotional purification, psychological maturity, and spiritual
      realization; as well as a peaceful and guided space to meditate.

      Sat Asana Class
      Wednesdays at 6 pm
      Fee: Enrolled Students -Free; Non-students - 3,000 – 5,000 colon

      Sat Asana, a new offering at the Sat Yoga Institute, will focus on the
      primary asanas of the classical Ashtanga style and incorporate dynamic
      movements to encourage deeper relaxation, flexibility, and
      concentration. The class will emphasize Sat Yoga teachings on meditative
      presence and unity of body, mind, and Atman. The practice will offer
      variations that cultivate supportive alignment, meditative breathing,
      and gradual approaches to more challenging poses. The class will be
      taught by Saraswati, who has taught asana classes at previous Sat Yoga
      retreats and studies meditation and yogic philosophy at SYI. Please call
      in advance to register, and bring a yoga mat.

      Contact information
      By phone: (506) 2288-3294 / 8891-6486
      By email: info@... <mailto:info@...>
      Our address: Bello Horizonte of Escazú, 300 mts South East from Plaza
      Our website: www.satyogainstitute <http://www.satyogainstitute/>



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