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home and native land

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  • Ron Tucker
    I grew up singing O Canada, my home and native land . Some of my friends who came from Europe would have sung My home and chosen land and that was fine.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2007
      I grew up singing "O Canada, my home and native land". Some of my friends who came from Europe would have sung "My home and chosen land" and that was fine. The key is this: Canada was our HOME.
      Now I have a home here in Costa Rica. My half acre has a wall around it, one reason being that I have a pool, and would prefer not to have some neighborhood kid not drown in it. But some folks say I have the gift of hospitality, I suppose because we´ve had dinner parties here at Christmas or Thanksgiving with up to 75 attending. And perhaps because the Lighthouse Children´s Home comes frequently for pool and barbecue.
      The point is this: It´s my home and I have the right to invite whomever I wish. People who are NOT invited do not have the right to come in. Agreed?
      Costa Rica is now my home, and while I am not a citizen I do have the rights of residency. Many of you would agree with me that this is a lovely little country with lots of good things going for it, and some things that could be made better. In my opinion, those who have been chosen by the citizens to run the country, our home, have every right to invite newcomers to come and visit and/or to remain, and have the same right to discourage/forbid those whose being here would have a damaging effect on our home.
      You decide who will come into your house, and you take prompt action when someone intrudes. I´m just suggesting that the same criteria be applied on a national level. Human nature being what it is, mistakes will be made, so be it. If I ever discovered a perfect place to live in, I´m afraid I couldn´t move there, because then it would no longer be perfect. Oy, Weh!

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