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Re: Coffee cream 'gelling' IMHO on crema dulce

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  • Alajuelanorth
    The cream gelling is a storage problem IMHO . . . BTW for CRL members who keep getting upset about the smallest comments . . . when digerati used to say
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 1, 2007
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      The cream "gelling" is a storage problem IMHO . . .

      BTW for CRL members who keep getting upset about the smallest comments
      . . . when digerati used to say something about which they had no
      clue, they would always follow it up with IMHO. So it was safe to say
      that "George is a frigging moron IMHO" but not safe to say "Dick is a
      moron" . . . people would let you get away with unsupported opinions
      that way . . . from this we evolved all kinds of useful "views" and we
      didn't mind it when people said . . . well, that's your opinion
      only. It is not as bad as the brits "with respect" which basically
      says "I am certain you are a certified moron of the highest order".

      Also it is sometimes good to remember IMHO that email and message
      boards are sad but cheap alternatives to speech and debate. Many of
      todays politicians can be seen attempting the kind of single faceted
      conversations that occur in email or message boards by making a
      statement full of controversial gibberish and then leaving the podium
      without answering a question.

      This is one reason for the "threads" on CRL and the nature of the one
      sided conversation creates a definite need for debate on topics.

      This message board, thanks to the kind efforts of the moderators,
      moderatrixes and El Jefe herself is bigger and has more participation
      than many boards . . . in large part thanks to the work of
      "moderation" IMHO. But sometimes only the thick skinned and stupid
      can deal with the type of chat, jabs and thrusts that occur when there
      is a one way conversation and a singular dimension to the argument.
      Being thick skinned and stupid, I don't have a problem with it. But
      it is sad to hear from a member yesterday who has given up on
      participating because she's not . . . IMHO.

      We are here for a reason . . . to communicate about, learn from and
      contribute to "information about Costa Rica" IMHO. Let's hope the
      less thick skinned can feel safe to go out on the streets of CRL.

      Now back from the opinionated digression to the crema dulce topic at
      hand. We have bought gads of the stuff . . . we have one wholesaler
      who consistently delivers goopy cream. We have almost never had goopy
      cream from the two best managed sources. If you are getting goopy
      crema dulce I am guessing it has been stored in the heat and not in a
      cool warehouse. Recommend you change your supplier - we did and
      haven't seen goop again.

      It Does make really good half and half - and that's not an opinion,
      it's a fact.
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