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Re: In search of a holistic skin doctor

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  • thefountainsguesthouse
    IF it were me requiring a more Holistic approach to anything, I d first call: Gene McDonald (352-0661 / acutherapy0@hotmail.com) - with his MAGICAL
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 30, 2007
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      IF it were me requiring a more Holistic approach to anything, I'd
      first call:

      Gene McDonald (352-0661 / acutherapy0@...) - with his MAGICAL
      Auriculotherapy machine - sort of like acupuncture [which he also
      does] but it's like an electric stimulation that goes along the
      acupressure points in your ear. AMAZING STUFF from MANY people I know
      that have gone to him for such things as (just to name a few):
      Sports Injuries, Neck & Back, shoulder, elbow, addictions (I just got
      a call from a former guest that has been sober for 90 days now & after
      3 treatments with Gene the thought of alcohol made her whiplash,
      carpal tunnel, sciatica, sacro illiac, stress, tension, headache,
      migraine, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, epilepsy, flu-cold,
      sinusitis, hemorrhoids, tmj, facial paralysis, appetite, vomiting,
      arthritis, kidney stones, hemiplegia, one side paralysis, addictions,
      constipations, diarrhea++. I believe he's $30-$35 for the first
      session & less for future ones.

      If that didn't work I'd contact.

      Eric Chacon (371-8013 / 228-7850 / eric.chacon@...) - who's an
      Ayurvedic doctor that also works with Spices & many of the indigenous
      tribes/people. I believe he's 20,000/session.

      (tell them Vicki referred ya!)
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