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Used Books For Sale, Cheap (And Other Stuff, Too!)

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  • Adam Katz
    The following books are for sale. Each book is priced at $2, firm unless marked otherwise: The $50 & Up Underground House Book (with 3 dvd s) †Mike
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2007
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      The following books are for sale. Each book is priced at $2, firm
      unless marked otherwise:

      The $50 & Up Underground House Book (with 3 dvd's) â€" Mike Oehler.
      Paid $150. For sale: $50.

      Set of 4 audio lecture CD's by Ken Gordon/KenXtions. Probably the best
      course on how to make friends, get dates and meet people you'll ever
      find. Set of 4: $10.

      1. Approachable? You Bet!
      2. From Bars To Beachs, Bookstores To Bus Stops.
      3. Barker Busters
      4. Phone Strategies

      Central America “On a Shoestring” Big Trips on Small Budgets.
      Blink “The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” - Malcolm Gladwell.
      The Travel Detective Flight Crew Confidential â€" Peter Greenberg.
      The Travel Detective â€" Peter Greenberg.
      The Traveler's Handbook, foreword by Michael Palin.
      The Practical Nomad “How To Travel Around The World” - Edward Hasbrouck.
      The Travel Writer's Guide â€" Gordon Burgett.
      How To Make a Living as a Travel Writer â€" Susan Farewell.
      Stuck at the Airport â€" Harriet Baskas.
      Survival Kit for Overseas Living â€" L. Robert Kohls.
      The Travel Writer's Handbook “Everything you need to know to write and
      sell your travel experiences” - Louise Purwin Zobel.
      The Game “Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists” â€" Neil
      The SAS Urban Survival Handbook “How to protect yourself from domestic
      accidents, muggings, burglary and attack.” - John 'Lofty' Wiseman.
      The SAS Survival Handbook “How to survive in the wild, in any climate,
      on land or at sea.” - John 'Lofty' Wiseman.
      Poker for Dummies â€" Harroch Krieger.
      Poker Wisdom of a Champion â€" Doyle Brunson.
      Positively Fifth Street â€" James McManus.
      Super System “A Course In Power Poker” - Doyle Brunson.
      The Naked Soldier “A True Story Of The French Foreign Legion” Tony Sloane.
      Play Poker Like The Pros â€" Phil Hellmuth, Jr.
      Harrington On Hold'Em “Expert Stratey For No-Limit Tournaments Volume
      I : Strategic Play.” - Dan Harrington and Bill Robertie.
      Poker “The Real Deal” - Phil Gordon and Jonathan Grotenstein.
      Wiming Low Limit Hold'Em â€" Lee Jones
      Phill Gordon's Little Green Book “Lessons and Teaching in No Limit
      Texas Hold'Em â€" Phil Gordon.
      Hold'Em Excellence â€" Lou Krieger.
      The Biggest Game In Town â€" A. Alvarez.
      Moneymaker â€" Chris Moneymaker with Daniel Paisner.
      The Making Of a Poker Player â€" Matt Matros.
      How I Raised, Folded, Bluffed, Flirted, Cursed, and WON MILLIONS â€" and
      You Can Too. - Annie Duke with David Diamond.
      Winner's Guide To Texas Hold'Em Poker â€" Ken Warren.
      ZEN and The Art Of Poker â€" Larry W. Phillips.
      Aces and Kings â€" Michael Kaplan and Brad Reagan.
      Kill Phil “The Fast Track To Success in No-Limit Hold'Em Poker
      Tournaments.” - Blair Rodman and Lee Nelson.
      The Education of a Poker Player. - Herbert O. Yardley.
      Poker Nation “A High â€" Stakes, Low Life Adventure Into The Heart Of a
      Gambling Country.” - Andy Bellin.
      How To Make An Action Movie For $99 â€" Andrew Harter.
      Clerks/Chasing Amy Two Screenplays â€" Kevin Smith.
      Short Films 101 “How to Make a Short Film and Launch Your Filmmaking
      Career.” - Frederick Levy.
      Rebel Without A Crew â€" Robert Rodriguez.
      WEB Copy That Sells â€" Maria Veloso
      SNIPER â€" Adrian Gilbert.
      One Perfect Op. “Command Master Chief Dennis Chalker, USN (RET.) with
      Kevin Dockery” - introduction by Richard Marcinko.
      The Bourne Supremacy â€" Robert Ludlum.
      The Good Guys â€" Nicholas Pileggi.
      Mossad â€" Gordon Thomas.
      Blowing My Cover “My Life as a CIA Spy.” - Lindsay Moran.
      The Da Vinci Code â€" Dan Brown.
      Abduction â€" Robin Cook.
      Come Back Alive â€" Robert Young Pelton
      The Adventurist â€" Robert Yourg Pelton
      Mierda! “The Real Spanish You Were Never Taught In School” - Francis
      De Talavera Berger.
      God, Guns, & Rock'N'Roll â€" Ted Nugent.
      The Panama Hat Trail â€" Tom Miller.
      Angels, Mobsters & Narco _ Terrorists â€" Antonio Nicasso & Lee Lamotte.
      The World's Most Dangerous Places â€" Robert Young Pelton.
      Bob Dylan “Chronicles” - Simo & Schuster.
      Hunting The Jackal â€" Billy Waugh with Tim Keown.
      Killing Pablo â€" Mark Bowden.
      Backpacking “One Step at a Time” - Harvey Manning.
      The Tipping Point â€" Malcolm Gladwell.
      Ayn Rand â€" Atlas Shrugged.
      Scenario “The Craft of Screenwriting.” - Tudor Gates.
      Secrets of Screenplay Structure â€" Linda J. Cowgill.
      How To Write & Sell Your First Novel â€" Oscar Collier with Frances
      Spatz Leighton.
      Fiction Writing Demystified â€" Thomas B. Sawyer.
      Baudolino â€" Umberto Eco.
      Business Etiquette “101 Ways to Conduct Business with Charm and Sawy”
      - Ann Marie Sabath.
      The Mosquito Coast â€" Paul Theroux
      Memoria De Mis Putas Tristes â€" Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
      False Papers “Deception and Survival In The Holocaust” - Robert Melson.
      Biplane â€" Richard Bach.

      Non-book items for sale:

      - 1 Custom built, deep, leather & wood chair. $75
      - T.V. Stand, faux marble with wook $ 60
      - Glass and Iron dining table plus 4 chairs $ 115
      - Blender Black & Decker $ 25
      - Small Toaster even "Procter Silex" $ 25
      - Books (variety of subjects)
      - Some pictures $ 3 each
      - Weigh yourself scale $ 3
      - 1 full lengh, wall hung mirror $ 7
      - 1 bathroom mirrom "Shabby-chic" $ 6

      Washing machine Whirlpool, Great Condition. $ 125

      We also have a white 4X4 '93 Nissan Pathfinder for sale, with
      aproximately 114K miles on it. This has been a fantastic vehicle.
      Very reliable. Just had the AC recharged!! Price: 3,500,000 colones.

      Come take a look! This Saturday at 10 AM. First come, first served.
      If two or more people show up at the same time, we'll draw names from
      a hat! - Ha!

      Please e-mail carlicaro@... for directions. We're in central
      Cartago, just 25 minutes South East of San Jose.

      We will open our doors at 10 am. If you come early, you'll need to
      wait in front with with the guard and help him learn English. So far,
      I've only been able to teach him the bad words. ;)
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