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Re: [CostaRicaLiving] Nutz : )

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  • Roy
    From: mctravel2@hotmail.com ... ____________________________ Hi Susan, Right on! Cashews are grown in Costa Rica but somewhat more for the fruit
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2001
      From: mctravel2@...

      > Hi all
      > I hear cashew nuts grow in Costa Rica. (Yum)
      > Besides buying them at the "Multi Plaza" are there farms to visit
      > or "retail outlets" where you can purchase them?
      > Thanks Susan

      Hi Susan,

      Right on! Cashews are grown in Costa Rica but somewhat more
      for the "fruit" than the seed (nut). Locally they are
      called "maraƱon" (mair-an-yone) and most the farms that
      produce them are in the drier regions of Guanacaste.

      This is produced on a spreading, smallish tree. It looks
      like a yellow to red fruit with a green "seed" hanging on
      the bottom. Botanically, the "fruit" is actually a fleshy
      stem and the green thing hanging on the bottom is a one
      seeded fruit. Mostly the "fruit" is sweet, has a very nice
      aroma, but an astringent taste that is unpleasant unless
      you are used to it. The more rarely available dried fruit
      is jet black and delicious.

      Do not under any conditions bite into the green thing on
      the bottom. Yes it contains the seed which, when roasted,
      is the cashew nut of commerce but the outer husk of this
      structure also contains a violently poisonous oil,
      anacardia oil, which will at least put you in the hospital
      if not kill you. The raw nut is also poisonous. Roasting
      drives off the poisonous oil but in Costa Rica, the whole
      green thing is roasted resulting in a poorer quality cashew
      nut. In India and Africa, where most the world's cashews
      come from, this husk is removed and then the seed is
      roasted, resulting in a much better nut. The oil is also
      extracted from the husk and used as a pharmaceutical
      product but I'm not sure for what.

      One often sees Costa Rican cashews for sale on the streets
      of San Jose in long, little celophane tube-like bags. The
      better quality cashews are found in supermarkets and such
      and are more often Asian. In season the "fruits" are
      offered in the stores and farmers' markets. Roadside stands
      down in the Pacific lowlands often offer them in little
      wooden boxes containing a couple dozen fruit. Hope this


      Men come of age at 60, woman at 15. - James Stephens

      Roy Lent

      Roy Lent
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