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Liz's woopsie . . . and a mystery named Lola . . .

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  • Alajuelanorth
    . . . proof positive that every action has a reaction . . . Our good friend Liz (the one with the weird sense of humor honed by 1000 years of french
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 20, 2006
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      . . . proof positive that every action has a reaction . . .

      Our good friend Liz (the one with the weird sense of humor honed by
      1000 years of french occupation) has had a nasty accident . . . it has
      entailed some surgery and the need to become less than mobile. I
      hadn't seen a posting here wishing her well . . . maybe she doesn't
      want to publicize it? If so . . . ooops!

      Anyway even in this condition all she can think of is being nice to
      someone!! She won an award on the "road less traveled" photo contest
      (see below) but as she is now laid up literally . . . she can't use
      it. The judge(s) have thus huddled once agin, pondered, pontificated
      and eventually ruled on the most deserving person for Liz's award - a
      trip to one of the nicest B&B's on the planet - the Villa Alegre in
      Tamarindo on the beach.

      So the judge(s) have awarded the trip to our very own long suffering
      chief bottle washer owner and moderatrix, Janet! Janet, the phone
      number is 653-0270 - the owners are the illustrious couple Suzye and

      Have a splendid trip, Berni

      p.s. if you book soon you may be able to book a special introduction
      to chinese cooking and sauces to be held there Sept 7th


      The judges have huddled, pondered and
      decided the winners and rewards as follows:

      MOST GUESSES - by a *landslide* AMY. Amy wins
      2 nights in Cahuita at the world renowned
      El Encanto on the beach. This is in my view
      and that of various guide book writers one
      of the best places for a quiet, idyllic
      honeymoon. A beautiful property with a unique
      artist's garden. In addition to the 2 nights
      Amy gets to snorkel to a local mystery spot.
      We expect she will be telling us about it
      and how to find it when she gets back. Date
      restrictions - trip needs to be used from
      May 1st to June 30 or Sept 1 to Nov 30 2006.
      Pat & Pierre are your gracious hosts.

      BEST PHOTO - for sheer quality of photography
      SCOTT takes this award. Scott is invited with
      a guest to the Pura Vida Hotel in Alajuela for
      one night with breakfast, a gourmet dinner for
      two with wine and a trip to a local mystery spot
      somewhere on the slopes of Poas volcano. This
      assumes Poas is not blowing off too much steam
      that day. Ask for Berni when you book.

      WORKED VERY HARD - LIZ's fast and sometimes
      funny guesses were occasionally correct. She
      obviously gets around the place. Liz and a
      friend are invited to the Villa Alegre, the
      finest B&B in Guanacaste (with apologies to
      any other B&B making that claim as there are
      a number of very nice ones). Located on the
      beach with a nice pool and an iguana that
      lives in the pool drain. Hosts Barry and
      Suzye make great company - they have a very
      unusual mystery spot visit which involves
      "an enormous animal". 2 nights in Tamarindo.

      MOST INTERESTING GUESS - there were a few
      really nice and detailed responses. This one
      was hard to judge but the award goes to one
      of our smartest members for managing to include
      DNA and Guapiles in the same paragraph. Yes
      SHARON gets an invitation to Robbies deluxe
      hotel in Manuel Antonio - the Hotel California.
      With stunning sunsets, beautifully appointed
      rooms, a pool, jacuzzi and a bar Sharon and a
      guest should be all set for a great couple of
      days at the most popular beach resort in Costa
      Rica. Yes, Robbie has some mystery spot in mind
      that perhaps Sharon will tell us about.

      To claim the rewards contact the hotels and book
      based on availability from May 1st on. Rewards
      expire November 31st 2006. Transport to and from
      hotels is not included. Please leave a fat tip
      for the hardworking maids.

      Thanks to everyone else - in particular our hard
      working moderators and our chief judge, Janet.
      Her tireless efforts at maintaining a balanced
      and pleasant message board is appreciated by all!
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