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Happy Fourth.....5th, 6th, 7th..to all.!.....a picnic in Escazu

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  • alexandra lancaster
    I planned to buy red white and blue balloons. My guests were Maribel,who is my real estate partner, plus her husband Alberto, dogs and my friend Fred who
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2006
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      I planned to buy red white and blue balloons. My guests were Maribel,who is my real estate partner, plus her husband Alberto, dogs and my friend Fred who has moved to Costa Rica. Loving every minute. Now, Maribell and Alberto are Ticos, so I thought Texas chili dogs would be a fit menu. Perros con chili. However, to Ticos, chili means hot peppers or something hot....whereas we former Texans feel its gotta be meat and red chili powder and a slug of maybe tequila, and coupla cans of tomatos. I made these heaped with grated cheese and red onions. The wienies were from the imported Johnsonville, available all over. Juicier and tastier than most.
      A half dozen fresh jalapenos got par boiled to make grilled jalapenos with cheese and cream cheese, a la Ginnee, in the oven. Touching my lips, I got a big ole surprise while making these....use rubber gloves. No telling, as my ole grandma would say in Texas.......no tellin' what they will do to you all's stomach.
      Rose wine very very chilled over peach halves made a quick sangria. If you drink enough of this, everything would taste good...maybe even cardboard with salsa on top.
      I used the syrup from the can of peaches, poured the crisp wine over it all.
      Potato salad recipe hails from Louisiana. This is Maribell's favorite, and does not truly exist in Tico menus. However, you see how the cultures are starting to marinate together.
      Fred keeps his youthful form by not eating as much as the rest of us. My maid Katia calls us all," sopilotes" which gracefully translates to: very large birds that light on anything edible by smelling it from afar. How she manages with so many clients, friends, family members in and out of our house all the time, I don't know.
      The crepes with fresh strawberries, jam, and ice cream over top are the crowning glory. Maribell said her crepe was so big it looked like a hubcap. Tasted better, though.
      She had hurried in with the crepe pan minutes before it was time to pour the batter. This is called existential cooking from the cordon blue school of improvisation. At least I peeled the tag off before I poured the batter in. Make the batter in the blender, it goes faster.
      We all tucked in. We would have had a red, white and blue luncheon but at least the strawberries were red and the ice cream was white. Fred is blue because he is moving over to his rental soon, and we are blue to see him go. A wonderful friend.
      On Saturday we plan another Fourth of July as we see no reason to stop celebrating. Life is good, we are happy, my wonderful companion in the U.S. sends greetings and will arrive soon and we promised him yet another 4th of July, probably to take place in August.. Why not?

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