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  • Sharon & Dick
    Ken, in the words of another person on this list...get over yourself. Your comments are uninformed and gratuitous, and don t add anything to this group or to
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 1, 2005
      Ken, in the words of another person on this list...get over yourself.
      Your comments are uninformed and gratuitous, and don't add anything to
      this group or to anyone's efforts to help where help is needed.

      The list has a core of 50-100 bilingual (at least), community-involved
      members. Most of us are long-term (5-40 year) Costa Rica residents,
      many of us are citizens...naturalized or by birth, and most of us
      contribute our efforts to the neighborhoods, as well as the country, in
      which we live. I've posted this before, but maybe it should be
      repeated. Among the frequent posters to the list are people who have
      for years worked without pay at their professions (I'm a physician, many
      of us are teachers, nurses, farmers, writers, electricians, speech
      therapists, business owners), who have raised families (my three
      children have grown up here, as has Janet's daughter, Jorge and Annie's
      daughters, Jerry and Monica's kids, Ken's kids, to name only a few), and
      who seem to have fairly divergent political philosophies...or none at
      all. We've put local kids through school, paid for uniforms and books,
      housed homeless kids and families, made gifts of land and labor to
      valued employees, and even paid for funerals. Some contributions to
      the community are less visible (and less obviously publicised) than
      others...doesn't mean they're not happening. I've known some of the
      listmembers for 30+ years and still have no idea what their politics
      might be, but the dictionary says that liberal means generous, so I'll
      stick with that.

      The list isn't for the purpose of news or for voluntary charity,
      although both of those happen. I also know that some of the
      steak-hungry, pedicure- driven, heavily chiropracted posters are the
      first people I can call if I need someone to pick up a medication for a
      sick baby at Fischel's in San Jose in the middle of the night. And some
      of the loudest trumpeters of religious faith or secular good works are
      the last I'd ask for a favor. I also know that many listmembers live on
      the coasts, in San Vito, San Isidro del General, Sixaola, Naranjo, and
      even Los Chiles. Not all are Meseta Central denizens.

      So unless you want to name people whose uncaring callousness
      particularly disappoints you, go make someone's mortgage payment for
      them. Or clear out a room for one of the HIV positive homeless
      glue-sniffers. They'll love you for it....although a divine reward is
      still conjectural.

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