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  • Robert Williams
    Dr. Salmansohn said:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2013
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      Dr. Salmansohn said:
      <I have the AMEX premium insurance which offers significant increases in coverage.
      <It is a one time fee for each rental up to a maximum number of days, I think 40 something,
      <for $29. 
      With respect to my AMEX premium insurance the charge is $24.95 per rental, whether the rental be one day or 42 days. I am billed this fee automatically once the charge from the rental car company is posted to my account. On the numerous times I used my AMEX for car rental in Costa Rica I was told that the insurance protection by American Express was invalid in Costa Rica. In addition to charging me for full coverage Thrifty would put an additional $2,200 hold on my card.
      Whenever I would receive my next AMEX statement I would always look for the additional $24.95 charge for the rental car in Costa RIca; it never appeared. Thus in my mind, since the charge did not appear on my card, it seemed to validate the claim of the rental agents here in Costa Rica.
      And then in discussing this matter with a tica lawyer friend she said the rental companies did not control the insurance, that INS, the government insurance companies made the rules.
      Perhaps I was taken, but at the time no one offered advise to the contrary.
      Incidentally, have something happen in the US and file a claim with American Express. They, American Express will live up to their bargain, but the rental car companies will add "fees" not covered by the insurance. I had a situation that whenever I returned a car in Orlando there seemed to be a chip in the windshield, in front of the rear view mirror. It may have well been there whenever I picked up the car, it was so minute. Well, the rental car company charged, in addition to the repair an administrative fee, an appraisal fee, and a loss of use fee. American Express even tried to pay the loss of use fee but the rental car company refused to provide documentation.
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