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comparing what is on the face of paper money...

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  • henry
    it was posted;  I am not a US dollar fan, but it s the only currency (I know of) which has written on its back in God we trust . The Costa Rican 10 000
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2013
      it was posted;  "I am not a US dollar fan, but it's the only currency (I know of) which has written on its back "in God we trust".
      The Costa Rican 10'000 Colones note has a sloth on it's back. Rather appropriate as far as not shedding the currency is concerned."
      "in god we trust" wasn't placed on paper currency until 1957. 
      I like the idea of putting an indigenous species of animal on the currency.  at least I know it exists and can be seen here in costa rica.  ticos even like to call their paper money by the animal that is on it.  20k bill is called a colibri (hummingbird), 10k perezoso (sloth), 5k mono (monkey) and 2k  Tiburon (shark).  the 1k is usually still referred to as a rojo by its color.  no one calls the u.s. dollar bill a pyramid with eye above it. 
      i also prefer the wording on costa rican money because it is in their language and not a foreign language like some of American currency has latin phrases on it.

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