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Christopher Howard's Language and Culture 9/2/2001

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  • Christopher Howard
    Language and Culture By Christopher Howard M.A. Food Expressions Al no haber pan, bastan las tortillas ­ When you are hungry anything is good Amor con hambre
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      Language and Culture
      By Christopher Howard M.A.

      Food Expressions

      Al no haber pan, bastan las tortillas ­ When you are hungry anything is good
      Amor con hambre no dura ­ Love with hunger doesn¹t last
      Comer como lima nueva ­ To eat a lot. Lima is a file (tool).
      Comer como huérfano ­ To eat like an orphan or be very hungry.
      Comer y tragar porque el mundo se va acabar ­ Enjoy food because the world
      will end.
      Comerse vivo a alguien ­ To eat a person alive (figuratively).
      Con pan y queso, nadie se pone obeso ­ Even if you eat poorly you won¹t get
      Cuando no hay lomo de todo como ­ When you are hungry you will eat
      Culo sentado no gana bocado ­ If you sit on your butt you won¹t earn money
      to buy food. Bocado is a mouth full or a snack. Another version is. Barco
      anclado no gana flete. An anchored boat won¹t make money.
      De la mano a la boca se pierde la sopa ­ Easier said than done
      El caldo sale más caro que las albóndigas - Means that something that is
      apparently cheap is going to end up costing more
      El toro vivo embiste, el muerto en bistec ­ A live bull attacks and a dead
      bull ends up as a steak. This is a rhyme.
      Eres lo que comes ­ You are what you eat,
      Es mejor comprar un bistec que toda la vaca ­ It is cheaper to rent a woman
      than to marry one.
      Es mejor de morir de indigestion que de hambre ­ It is better to die of
      indigestion than hunger.
      Faja larga, vida corta ­ A long belt (fat stomach) will lead to a short life
      Gallina vieja hace buen caldo ­ An old hen makes a good broth. Older women
      aren¹t so bad.
      Hay más hambre que comida ­ There is more hunger than food in the world.
      Hombre casado es el mejor bocado ­ Married men are best for romance.
      Hombre casado ni frito ni asado ­ This expression is the opposite of the
      last one. Don¹t get involved with married men.
      Hoy comemos, mañana no sabemos ­ We are here today and gone tomorrow
      Los cementerios y panteones están llenos de los hartones ­ Cemeteries are
      filled with people who eat a lot
      Más gente se muere de envidia que de hambre - More people die of envy than
      Más tieso que un pan de tres diás ­ Stiffer than a three-day-old piece of
      bread. We also say ³Más tieso que un cocodrilo enyesado² Stiffer than a
      crocodile coated with plaster.
      Media naranja ­ One¹s mate
      No entrarle ni una bala ­ To be so full after eating that a there is even no
      room for a bullet in your body.
      Pan comido ­ Something that is a very easy
      Pan duro es mejor que ninguno ­ Beggars can¹t be choosers when it comes to
      Panza llena, corzón contento ­ if you are full, you are happy.
      Para la buena hambre no hay mal pan ­ if you are hungry, any food is good
      Perro que come huevos, ni quemándole el hocico ­ Hard to change a person¹s
      negative behavior.
      Ser como ballena, que todo le cabe y nada le llena ­ A person who likes to
      eat a lot and is never satisfied.
      Un queque ­ Something that is easy or a piece of cake as we say in English.
      Quedar como perro de cura ­ To be full after a meal. Estar satisfecho is the
      correct way to express this idea.

      Tiquismo (Costa Rican expression) of the week:
      Tener filo - To be hungry

      Christopher Howard is the author of  16 editions of "the New Golden Door to
      and Living in Costa Rica," and conducts monthly group and private
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