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Spanish Tips 4/1/10

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  • christopher howard
    Spanish Tips In case you didn¹t see this on AM Costa Rica Easter and Semana Santa in Costa Rica Throughout much of the Spanish-speaking world including Costa
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      Spanish Tips

      In case you didn¹t see this on AM Costa Rica

      Easter and Semana Santa in Costa Rica

      Throughout much of the Spanish-speaking world including Costa Rica, there is
      no more important time of year than Holy Week. The week begins with Palm
      Sunday (el Domingo de Ramos), includes Good Friday (el Viernes Santo), and
      ends with Easter (la Pascua de Resurrección). Known as Semana Santa, the
      week marks the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem followed by his death
      and resurrection.

      Unfortunately, Semana Santa has lost part of it¹s true significance in
      Central America. Many people use this holiday as an excuse to go to the
      beach to party and consume a lot of liquor. Even through Good Thursday and
      Friday are dry (la ley seca) people still stock up on their favorite spirits
      well in advance. As a result, scores of people die in car crashes, drownings
      and other alcohol-related incidents during Holy Week. Instead of Semana
      Santa some refer to the time of year as ³La Semana de matanza,² or ³the week
      of slaughter² because of the number of people who die tragically.

      Easter Vocabulary
      Ash Wednesday - el Miércoles de Ceniza
      chocolate egg - el huevo de chocolate
      Crucify ­ crucificar
      Colored egg - el huevo de color
      Crucifix - el Crucifijo
      Decorated egg - huevo decorado
      Easter - la Pascua
      Easter basket ­ canasta de Pascua
      Easter break - vacaciones de Semana Santa
      Easter bunny - el conejito de Pascua
      Easter egg - huevo de Pascua
      Easter egg hunt ­ la búsqueda de huevos de Pascua
      Easter Mass - la Misa de Pascua
      Easter Saturday - Sábado Santo, Sábado de Gloria
      Easter Sunday - el Domingo de Pascua, Domingo de Resurrección
      Good Friday - Viernes Santo
      Happy Easter Felices Pascuas
      Holy Week Semana Santa
      Lent Cuaresma
      Palm Sunday - Domingo de Ramos
      Passion of Christ - la Pasión de Cristo
      Resurrection - la Resurrección

      I couldn¹t resist including these egg-related expressions and Tiquismos. I
      hope they don¹t offend anyone.

      A puro huevo ­ with a lot of effort
      Ahuevarse - to be come discouraged or disappointed
      Cabeza de huevo ­ egghead
      Lamehuevos ­ an as kisser (vulgar)
      Hombre de pelo en pecho y huevos por derecho ­ a real man
      Huevón ­ a lazy, useless person. It can also mean stupid.
      Huevonada ­ something stupid
      Huevos ­ eggs but can be a synonym for ³balls² or testicles
      Huevos pateados ­ scambled eggs. Huevos revueltos or picados are used more
      Huevos tibios ­ a coward (vulgar)
      Huevo tierno ­ soft-boiled egg
      Manda huevo que + the subjunctive tense means impossible, no way. Manda
      huevo que caiga nieve en Costa Rica. It¹s impossible for snow to fall in
      Costa Rica (On rare occasions a little snow has fallen at the top the Cero
      de la Muerte)
      Me cae en los huevos ­ I don¹t like someone (vulgar)
      Me tiene hasta los huevos ­ I am fed up with someone (very vulgar)
      Meterse entre huevo y huevo ­ to have something on mind or be obsessed with
      No matar la gallina que pone los heuvos de oro ­ just like in English.
      ³Don¹t kill the hen (goose) that lays the golden eggs.²
      ¡No seas tan huevón !­ Don¹t be so stupid!
      Poner todos los huevos en una canasta ­ to put all of one¹s eggs in one
      basket. You can also say ³Poner toda la carne en el asador.² (put all of the
      meat on the barbecue) or ³Apostar todo a un caballo² (bet it all on one
      Tamaño huevón ­ a big man or boy (vulgar)
      Tener a alguien de los huevos - to bother someone a lot (vulgar)
      Tener los huevos bien puestos - to be brave (vulgar)
      Tener los huevos por el cuello ­ to be scared (vulgar)
      Tener los huevos rayados ­ to be brave

      Saintly expressions
      Alzarse con el santo y la limosna ­ to steal everything
      Comerse los santos ­ to be a religious fanatic
      Desnudar un santo para vestir a otro ­ to rob Peter to pay Paul
      No ser santo de mi devoción ­ to not like someone or one¹s cup of tea
      Perder el santo y la limosna to lose everything
      Se le va el santo al cielo ­ to forget something
      Tener el santo de cara ­ to have good luck
      Tener el santo de espaladas ­ to have bad luck
      Quedarse para vestir santos ­ to be an old maid

      * All past articles may be found at www.costaricaspanish.net or in the
      ARCR¹s magazine El Residente

      Christopher Howard is the author/publisher of the bestselling "The New
      Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica," ³The Guide to Real
      Estate in Costa Rica² and conducts private and
      Group Retirement/Relocation Tours. www.liveincostarica.com, TOLL-FREE
      800-365-2342, E-mail: liveincostarica@...

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