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9491Sofas Made in Cartago Factory

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  • S. Yamada
    Jun 1, 2002
      Hi John B. & All:

      An alternative is to have one made. We went to a factory in Cartago, cost us around $250 for a vinyl one, wine colored, 2 big seats & makes into a double bed, took a couple of weeks to be made. Looks overstuffed but that's how they seem to like them here & it was the plainest we could see in his 'catalogues'. We've used the sofa daily for 5 years, several hours daily, watching TV, and no rips or tears, no fading.

      The metal support part of the 'bed' is not good enough for sleeping on really, so my husband reinforced it w/ fitted pieces of wood. Of course, it's now much heavier to lift in/out of the sofa but it's worth it for the guests who sleep on it, & you don't roll into the middle.

      Call 552-1608, Benjamin (accent on the 'min') Cardenas A., Muebles Modernas, Cartago. I don't think he speaks English, can't remember.


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