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  • lenpetry
    May 20, 2009
      Uh ... Roger. A few comments. Some of them serious.

      First, if you're hedging against the dollar, pick a real currency like the Euro. The colon is sick too -- even sicker than the dollar.

      Unless you are planning to spend a lot of money in CR when you return, hedging a small amount won't make a difference to the big picture, and the dollar is unlikely to dive by then -- more likely to suffer death by a thousand cuts over several years.

      But if you already have colones left over, then why not save them -- more as a convenience than a currency-trading strategy.

      But you may be on to something when you speculate that the dollar may fall against the cologne. For sure!! Given women's tendency to buy luxury items like cologne and even perfume -- no matter what the economic climate -- stocking up on cologne and selling later at higher prices certainly will protect you against devaluation of any currency -- the dlooar and euro included.

      Good plan.
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