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91712Re: Looking for A Kitten

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  • EW
    May 1 8:31 AM
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      Hi Randal,

      I have taken kittens to the refugio in San Rafael, paid to have them
      neutered and left them there to be adopted out. Each of these times,
      the people at the refugio were happy to get the kitties as they had a
      shortage of them. (Every now and then a new mother will arrive at my
      house with her kittens. I try to catch the kitties so they can be
      saved. Unfortunately, I'm not always successful at this and they don't
      all survive. Not everyone likes cats in this country.)

      I adopted a calico kitty at the refugio a few years ago. She had been
      in a foster home after being abandoned as a baby and had just become of
      adoption age. She had two pink bows super-glued to her head; they
      lasted about a day. The street kitty that I'd previously taken in (a
      tiny black throwaway I found crying in the ditch in pouring rain) made
      sure of that!

      I think your information is incorrect about cats/kittens.

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