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9153Re: KLEZ Worm

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  • olamoree
    May 4, 2002
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      Good for you, Shirley, The effort of checking PC-Cillian update is a
      very small inconvenience compared to the damage potential --not
      unlike leaving your seatbelt unhooked! There are detailed
      explainations of how this w o r m works on the web and where it gets
      its addresses to forward so the sensible course is the one you are
      taking --log on, FIRST check for a AV update, THEN get the mail with
      all of its surprises. Good luck.


      --- In CostaRicaLiving@y..., "S. Yamada" <shellpb@r...> wrote:
      > Hi Ali & all:
      > It is making the rounds, quickly & extensively, around Costa Rica,
      > up to version KLEZ J by now.
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