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  • chuck@umailme.net
    Jun 1, 2000
      Hi People ---

      We now have a new tool to use for putting semi-permanent information on
      our very own corkboard. Going to either URL as easy as going to one of
      these URLs: http://www.CostaRicaonBoard.eboard.com

      Anyone may add information or subjects at anytime. Please give only
      names and addresses or phone numbers in the resources boxes. No lengthy
      testimonials or advertisements. I reserve the right to edit or remove

      Help dream up other uses for this board --- maybe a telephone/e-mail
      directory for members, contacts and resources --- or maybe any use you
      can come up with, just pass it by me. You can start a new subject box
      on any subject.

      You also may want to start your own virtual corkboard for club, group or
      family. It comes with 5 Megs of space and is easy to use. It is just a
      lot easier to start up than a WEB page and costs nothing.

      ***** VIRTUAL CORKBOARD. You can post messages, photos, and links; and
      use eBoard as a personal homepage or place to share these. Sign on to
      eBoard, a free service, at http://www.eboard.com *****

      Check it out, place one of the URLs in your "Favorites" or whatever your
      browser calls it, for quick access, and lets discuss it on

      Don't worry - sea feliz,
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