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90044Re: [CostaRicaLiving] THANKS FOR THE ADVICE

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  • Roger Jenkins
    Apr 2, 2009
      A co-worker and his wife took that same tour and loved it. That one was unique though. I did one last yr for 6 days (1300$) and did 3 days after that on my own. I thought it was fair. I also contacted some place on the net an dthey wanted 1950$ for 6 days (not including air fare from the states) and all they do is ly you around to 3 different places. No activities, just transport and hotels (and not that great of ones).  The one I did last yr was transportation, one night at the best western irazu (nice place), 2 days in arenal at the montana del fuego (nice place) with the Tabacon hot springs and a rain forest tour, transport to monteverde with 2 nights at the el sapo dorado (horrible place) and a private cloud forest tour and transport back to irazu for a night.
      This time I will be making my own plans (with help from someone on this board) and doing the playa nicuesa lodge for 3-4 days and deciding what I want to do as time progresses (I do have some suggestions I am looking at).  But you are correct, Caravan seems like an awesome package.

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