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  • purplefinchrd@aol.com
    Apr 9, 2002
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      I was so tempted to write again on this subject in fact I wrote quite a long
      email until I finally realized I would not be part of the solution just part
      of the problem. However we may feel, we have had plenty of opportunity to
      state our positions and I think that we are beating a dead horse. No one is
      going to change their minds by what is said here and we are wasting time for
      lots of people who may not even care. I think everyone has said enough. I
      think any one who has expressed their opinion on this subject should NOT
      repeat their position for the rest of us. If you have something to say and
      have not been heard from before well it is only right you should have a say.
      But for the rest of us it is time to move on. We do not need to hear from
      any party that we have heard from in the past we KNOW where you stand. That
      is my last word on this subject. Fran in FL where you are asked by the hotel
      to wipe the tar off your feet before reentering the hotels.

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