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87319[CostaRicaLiving] :scorpions and also antivenom for snakes

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  • Russel Holt
    Feb 1, 2009
      Hello Linda,
           I almost did not see your post.  Ever so often I dump my SPAM
      folder.  But since I have found real messages there I usually scan
      them before I dump.  Your subject caught my eye and after opening it
      saw that you had a real question.  Now, I wanted to suggest that your
      address that ends in biz may be why my SPAM guard culled out you
      post.  Anyone posting on this or other similar groups might want to
      get an address that does not suggest it is a commercial organization.
           Just a suggestion.  From my experience, these snake bite kits
      should only be considered First Aid and not the treatment for snakebite.
      If you have a snakebite potential, you should have transportation ready
      at all times and know exactly where to take the victim for medical help.
      Calling ahead would allow the medical staff to be ready when your
      victim arrives.  Time is very important in such cases. 
           Do hope you or your workers never need to use this advice.
                                                  Just trying to be helpful,
      From: Linda Gray linda@...

       brought me down a snake bite kit that has a syringe-type plunger that sucks the venom out of the bite. |

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