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87316Re: Major Costa Rican Employers Predicting 2009 Growth

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  • cacrcoastal
    Feb 1, 2009
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      RE: Alejandro Oreamuno, of GESSA added, "It`s an old adage; only with
      business growth can the payroll increase and only with good workers
      can the business stay afloat."

      Haven't you heard what the world is saying these days?

      "We ain't buyin' it!"

      El Finaciero; just another money grubbing propaganda machine; another
      Republican mouth peice trying to brainwash foolish investors who are
      desperately behind the curve . All I (and we) gotta say is:

      WARNING: Costa Rica's money laundering banking system is about to
      experience some heavy 'regulation'. Get ready cuz they're about to
      get a taste of their own medicine. Sad, but twwwooo. Nice try

      oh yes, in my stupidly stoned overly optimistic and highly inflated
      self-entitled opinion. (not to say we didn't warn you...LOL!)
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