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85401Re: Living in Costa Rica with "Americans"

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  • Barry Stevens
    Jan 1 3:01 PM
      --- In CostaRicaLiving@yahoogroups.com, "fraluchi" <fraluchi@...>
      > ... a wise traveller
      > realises that a few happy moments with an American do not translate
      > into a permanent commitment of any kind.

      Two things that may be relevant, both previously posted...

      After "significant contacts" with locals here extending over 5
      years, it became very obvious that Americans are "barely tolerated"
      here. When we're spending money, there's smiles and handshakes.
      However, don't make any assumptions. Friendships take a long time to
      develop as stereotypes are painstakingly overcome. As an example
      where this was validated by (yet another) Tica, see message 61389
      for a story in which a Tica validates this, even at the cost of
      great personal pain to herself.

      Most Americans have no idea why this would be so. I ran into a
      really obvious example at an internet cafe in Escazu, and posted the
      story - if you're interested, see message 32764

      Barry Stevens
      School help, food, microloans
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