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85384Re: Living in Costa Rica with "Americans"

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  • David Lovelady
    Jan 1, 2009
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      --- In CostaRicaLiving@yahoogroups.com, "Shari" <shari@...> wrote:
      > Why is it that your American bashing post is
      > appropriate for the Costa Rica Living site?

      I presume many people have answered this off-group, but against the
      possibility that they have not, I will. On the last day of each
      month, the "please keep your posts focused on Costa Rica" rule is
      suspended for 24 hours.

      Even in other times, that rule is tough to enforce since the
      Moderators cannot read every post before the fact and some folks seem
      driven by forces they cannot control to make the group about something
      else (whatever is on their mind that day). But the Moderators try.

      Welcome, and Happy New Year.

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