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8400Anyone Looking For A Job

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  • Cassandra
    Feb 27, 2002
      A couple times I have seen posts from people looking for work so
      hopefully the following is appropriate for this list. If not, I'm sure
      someone will tell me ! :-))

      A local business that I do a lot of work for is looking for a customer
      service person. Most work is by email or on the computer through
      our trouble ticket system. Must be able to work weekends and
      varying shifts.

      Minimum skills include perfect written English, internet literate and
      reasonable computer skills in general. The right person is able to
      work in a team environment and also on their own. There is a lot of
      responsibility with this job.

      The pay is not great by US standards but not bad by Costa Rican
      standards. The work is fun and the people we work for are great.

      Please contact me off group if you are interested.

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