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  • Stuart K
    Dec 2 4:48 AM
      re: To me these are much better examples of poorly invested US Taxpayer

      dollars than your example about helicopters and fuel. Why? Because

      if those helicopters weren't doing charity they would probably be

      burning the very same fuel playing some kind of war games.

      I prefer seeing money spent on humanitarian missions over the other


      At least Costa Rica learned it's lesson about having an army.

      --- don't know about you, but I am still a US taxpayer...I say again, ENOUGH!  Let Costa Rica pay the USA for all our help from proceeds from the Chicom's loan to CR.  You want assistance for the same areas that flooded several times in the decade ?  PAY FOR IT. 

      --- also don't infer that I defend Big Government spending anywhere, least of all in the USA.  I am a small government "Conservative" that believes government that does least does best - but ONLY the government has responsiblity for defending us from bad guys, so it should focus on doing that very well. 

      --- your also might think twice when the Russian navy and Chavez's new Russian submarines are prowling around the Carribbean instead of the US Navy maintaining readiness by training 24x7 not too far away.  The Russians and Cubans are friends to the country that shares Costa Rica's northern border -- ouch!  That's pretty close to your adopted home, huh Gringo/Gringo-ette? 

      -- the"can't we all get along with no army" folks are the first to cry for help from the US military when things don't go your way (Panama, Nic., Grenada, Darfur, Somalia, Kosovo, Malaysian tidal waves). CR is directly affected by the US military presence in the Americas..without it, Costa Rica would likely be another banana republic controlled by Cuba/Russia. 

      You want helicopters and medical aid from the USA?  PAY FOR IT. 


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