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83648Jaco-a vacation to avoid!

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  • kansascity_james
    Dec 1 8:31 AM
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      I just thought I would post an interesting, strange experience on a
      recent visit to Jaco. Advice....if you are planning a trip to Costa
      Rica try to avoid Jaco. Even more so if you have kids. This place is
      turning into an adult vacation spot. I was there a few days ago
      traveling with my cousin who is here for a quick visit. I will also
      mention that he teaches school at a Christian college in the US....so
      he may be a little more shocked than the average traveler. Anyway,
      when we first arrived and contacted the municipal police to see
      progress training ops that we had donated. Right away we were amused
      when the officers told us " some outsiders have changed things here in
      Jaco, drugs are out of control."
      I remembered when a tico friend of mine pulled potatoes out of the
      oven and proclaimed " the oven over cooked my potatoes!"
      We then met friends at Los Amigos restaurant and took a table where we
      could watch our car and the busy street. I was surprised at the amount
      tourist on the streets....for some reason I thought tourism was down.
      We saw several families sit around us and over heard kids asking their
      parents "are those girls prostitutes?" It was very clear the girls
      were trolling up and down the street preparing for a busy nights work.
      Next six guys walk up to my car and it was funny to see these guys
      look around trying to see if the owner was watching. Two of them moved
      to the rear of my car and tried to get a good look past the tint. I
      had several back backs there (the reason we were watching the car)and
      the two clearly were preparing to pop my rear hatch on my window as
      the others kept watch. I walked up to the car acting like I didn't see
      them and oped the driver door. I pulled out my pistol and faced the
      guys -who quickly decided to move on to their next target. Now we
      decided to secure the vehicle and walk down the main street to see
      what the town was all about. In just four blocks we were offered drugs
      six times, girls twice offered to...well you know. One girl didn't
      look any older than sixteen. Ok, it's time to go....can't forget the
      shake down on the way out of town. As we were pulling out of town we
      were waved over by transit. I was asked if I had been drinking and I
      replied that I had two beers at the restaurant. The officer then asked
      me to walk back where his friend was waiting. I stated to them that I
      was not drunk. The other officer stated " maybe a little; we are
      having a fiesta tomorrow- maybe you can make a small donation"
      Normally I don't pay off the police but I didn't want to lose my
      temper in front of my cousin so I pulled out a 5000 and told them to
      enjoy themselves. When I got back into the car I pulled out my phone
      to call OIJ in Quepos- but then I thought why? My cousin said it
      perfectly.... "let's just get out of here"
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