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  • Tom Rosenberger
    Sep 1, 2008
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      The bottom line is that building costs per square foot or meter are
      determined by the building contract and construction specifications
      agreed to between the owner and the contractor. Additionally,
      construction costs vary depending on the location of the building site.
      For instance, in Guanacaste materials and labor are more expensive than
      in the central valley. If you are planning to build and would like to
      begin to narrow down the options of the materials selection process, you
      can review Construction Specifications on the Documents page at
      www.CostaRicaHomeBuilder.com <http://www.costaricahomebuilder.com/> .
      This document will help you determine the realistic costs of
      construction here in Costa Rica.

      Square footage or meter measurements in Costa Rica are usually taken
      from gutter to gutter, so most of the measurements advertised for
      housing are the total dimensions under roof, including the roof
      overhangs. In other countries, people are accustomed to the measurements
      of enclosed interior living areas that can be air-conditioned. At the
      current costs of construction per square foot or meter, you need to make
      sure you are receiving all that you are paying for. It's a wise decision
      to hire a qualified construction inspector to look out for your best
      interests when building or purchasing existing housing here in CR. You
      can read more about what to look out for when purchasing housing in CR

      una> http://groups.google.com/group/housing--property-inspections/web

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