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76588RE: [CostaRicaLiving] Re: current state of the real estate market

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  • jo's
    Aug 2, 2008
      "I personally welcome a drop in interest in investment and vacation

      and feel better about people who want to be my neighbor."

      This is exactly how we feel, unless it's someone who wants to invest in
      Protecting the Environment, Enhancing the lives of the Locals, Promoting the
      awareness and appreciation of the good things of the past Cultures,
      Archeological sites, and being Sustainable ! ! !

      These are Good and Noble causes worth pursuing don'cha think?

      We are working towards Sustainability and want co-laborers! Anyone who
      wants to join us and the many others of you out there, let your voices be
      heard. We want to join you too! You are my Heroes and I thank you for
      being my examples. Robby, Fred, Barry & Nancy, Ginnee & Phil, Steve, Henry,
      Frank, and so many others (forgive me for not mentioning your name), when I
      read your notes, and hear of what you are doing in your area, I feel humbled
      by your efforts and care.

      Thank you,

      Jo & Mike

      In Rosario de Naranjo


      Vista Del Valle Plantation Inn & Community


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