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76557Re: Arthritis & Constipation Relief

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  • soon2banexpat
    Aug 2, 2008
      --- henry kantrowitz wrote:
      >  i have a few friends that use flax seed and amaranth seed for
      constipation and swear by it.  they mix a few spoonfuls in with yogurt
      or cereal.  they seem to stay quite regular when using it. 

      Flaxseed is a wonderful fiber, especially for women as it is purported
      to reduce bad estrogen levels. Chia seed is another great form of
      fiber -- besides the fiber benefits, it is extremely high in Omega 3s
      and calcium. Don't know if Chia seed is available in Costa Rica, but
      flax seed is ubiquitous. I buy chia seeds on the net for about $7.00 a
      pound. I put them in baked goods and also add them to my dogs'
      dinner. Great stuff (but I'm quite sure the AMA and Big Pharma will
      say it's all bunk!)
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