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  • Sharon Wallace
    Aug 2, 2008
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      Active principles (acetogenins) found in paw-paw showed some promise against drug-resistant tumor cells in laboratory studies. That research did not lead (or as yet has not lead) to the development of ANY recognized chemotherapeutic agents. The original work was done in the 80s, and the last publications were around 1997. The compounds simply didn't show enough promise in vivo to continue the studies. This is true of thousands of substances studied over the years.
      "McLaughlin notes, however, that the

      effect on drug-resistant cells has been studied only in laboratory

      cultures and will require additional study in animals before it

      can be tested in humans."
      This didn't stop McLaughlin (the Purdue principal investigator...an assistant professor of pharmacology...long since retired and unavailable for discussion) from joining Nature's Sunshine Products to market his magic pills. " Dr. McLaughlin licensed his patents to
      Nature's Sunshine Products, who sells the product under the name "Paw
      Paw Cell Reg" to the public through their distributors. If you do not
      know a Nature's Sunshine distributor personally, try Healthy Sunshine." http://www.pawpawresearch.com/purdue-mdr-97.htm. Mind you, the website link has the word PURDUE in it, but has no connection whatsoever with the university. It only cites the research paper...from 1997. There is the usual disclaimer that no one is saying the stuff actually helps or cures anything.

      You need a good BS detector to wade through alt med claims. And a thick wallet.
      When objecting to skepticism about claims of medical efficacy, ranting about the perceived deficiencies of scientific medicine and therapeutics isn't productive. Citing a few positive studies would be helpful, if only they existed. Mention of anecdotal cures isn't really useful. Lots of people believed that the world was flat. I hear that some still do. Even the websites promoting this product suggest that people with documented disease CONTINUE orthodox therapy while taking a flier with their products. Of course, they know that unfounded claims of cure might get them into a bit of hot water.


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