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76546Re: Arthritis & Constipation Relief

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  • henry kantrowitz
    Aug 1, 2008
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      i think if we were to wait for the a.m.a. or f.d.a. approval of everything we may not find something that works outside of the medical practice and suffer for years before using it.  even many of their approved drugs later turn out to be harmful.  i have a few friends that use flax seed and amaranth seed for constipation and swear by it.  they mix a few spoonfuls in with yogurt or cereal.  they seem to stay quite regular when using it.  also both are very healthy regarding fiber and essential oils.  now the medical assoc. may have not done clinical trials to prove it works or maybe they found it didn't work.  the point is if it works for them who cares what mainstream medicine says.  for years modern medicine laughed at chiropractors and some still do.  they are now accepted as legitimate theropy for many situations.  the same is true for accupuncture it was scoufed at also and is now accepted as legitimate practice too.  so all i can say if
      it works for you and you read enough information about possible bad side effects go for it.  doctors don't have the answer for all conditions otherwise we would have cures for everything.  sometimes we just have to think outside the box and try something that may have not yet been approved by mainstream medicine.  just look around any central market place in costa rica,  and see all of the different healing herbs that work for many people.  many of these herbs haven't even been studied, but if it works for people who cares.

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