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  • Roy Lent
    Dec 1, 2001
      I woke up this morning to find that the list has “exploded”
      once again. Now it’s the ‘hunting’ question. On top of this
      the moderated messages awaiting my approval have all
      disappeared from Yahoo. I got notification about such but
      they are not on Yahoo. I apologize to the senders. If it is
      a moderated member’s message, and it is about hunting in
      Costa Rica but not just a rant pro or con on hunting in
      general, and it does appear in Yahoogroups, I will approve
      it. Hunting is legal in Costa Rica. I personally am
      uncomfortable with the activity but not fanatically against
      it. OK? If you sent messages about the subject that fit the
      above ‘requirement’, resend them and I’ll try to get them
      through. But these messages should contain information
      about the subject in Costa Rica and not just be of the “I
      hate killing wild animals.” or “I love killing wild
      animals.” type.

      Maybe those who like to hunt should consider trying hunting
      with a camera. I know, you can’t eat photographs but I see
      a successful hunt of this nature as far more challenging
      and a really good photo can have considerable economic

      P.S. In my younger days I did go hunting, not commonly, but
      I was a good shot and, in Honduras, killed a number of
      squirrels that were damaging fruit trees. All the kill was
      eaten. About 35 years ago here in Costa Rica, I shot a fair
      number of toucans that were damaging the cacao harvest.
      Believe it or not, people in cacao growing areas were often
      paid 25 centimos each for toucan bills and squirrel tails!

      Roy Lent

      A man needs a wife because sooner or later something is going to happen that he can't blame on the government.

      Roy Lent