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70485Today's Vaca Photo . . .

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  • Paul Mitchell
    Mar 31, 2008
      What's with all the T's about this bovine canvas?...


      Wonder what's on the other side of this one. It
      only has two photos and they're both from the
      same side of the beast.

      --- --- ---

      The more I looked at this series of photos of the
      painted cow parade, the more intrigued I became
      with the artistry of it all.

      Here's that link again:


      Thanx to the original poster for providing the link
      and also for taking all the great photos of the cows.

      Hope they mooo-ve you as much as they did me. Can't
      wait to get back to CR and see some of these 'in the
      pinta', as it were.


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