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67408Re:Surplus in the government

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  • dan.chaput
    Jan 31, 2008

      Your wish has already been granted.

      they are doing all 3

      1. The OIJ force this year is 50% larger than last year and the
      new "tourism police" has been instated and is making a difference in
      key areas. Escazu also just got a brand new municipal polic for with
      about 30 people.

      2. They are working on reforming income tax collection (and have hired
      tax collection consultants form the US) to be able to cut import
      taxes. the TLC should also help on this as well...if they pass it.

      3. I have noticed a drastic improvement in internet service. if you
      examen the high speed internet covereage now vs. 5 years ago, you would
      be amazed. Poor internet is now only is in more remote locations,
      about 60% of the population has access to high speed internet
      (basically the whole central valley).
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